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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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"we need to move forward, this was getting out of control" =vo continues= right now at 11: a difference of we needed to move forward. this was getting out of control. right now at 11:00, a difference of opinion but a respect for the job. the santa clara police officers will in fact provide full security for the 49ers' season opener. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it is game on. the santa clara police union encouraging officers to voluntarily work 49ers' games. the union wasn't so sure last
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friday. >> nbc bay area ian cohl broke the story earlier and joins us now. a lot of closed door meeting goes. what happened behind the scene. >> reporter: officers say they will continue to volunteer for 49ers' games thanks in part for the santa clara mayor for supporting them while offering words of caution. >> first a warning and now a change of heart for santa clara police officers, about 70 of them typically volunteer to work over time at 49ers' games, but last friday the police union said they might stop, upset over colin kaepernick's statements about police officers and the fact he wore socks at a practice showing pigs in police uniforms. >> i am hearing it this week that next week on monday night football some officers are not going to work. >> reporter: but that's not the case anymore after mayor lisa gillmor voiced support for the officers, encouraging them to voluntarily work the game, saying if they didn't their actions could be misunderstood.
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>> this issue that in kaepernick talked about is a huge issue in our country, a huge issue. it is a lot bigger than whether or not he sits down or they sit out. >> reporter: after the decision today, the police chief met with union leaders and the local naacp president. he hopes colin kaepernick is willing to meet with the group as well. >> the santa clara police department are the ones who protect the stadium, protect the team in and out. so they should have a much closer relationship with kap, but they can understand his viewpoint and he can understand their viewpoint. once the two see what the others saying we can move on from there. >> reporter: the police chief says he is pleased and told us the games would be fully staffed even if he had to reach out to other bay area police departments. the union and mayor are hoping to sit down and talk with the 49ers on this matter. in the news room, ian cohl, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. did you see tonight's nfl season opener? it was right here on nbc bay area. brandon marshall, you see it
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there, kneeling for the national anthem. marshall was a teammate at kaepernick at university of necessary valued owe, reno. more players are expected to protest in some form this sunday. the 49ers' management is joining the movement. ceo jed york announcing the team will give $1 million to two bay area groups, silicon valley community foundation and san francisco foundation. it is the same amount that kaepernick promised to donate to the community. jed york says the 49ers' donation is earmarked for racial and economic inequality and fostering communication and collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve here in the bay area. >> seven felonies, that's a former san francisco 49ers bruce miller is facing after a bizarre attack. the d.a. laid out the charges, many of which carry elder abuse enhancements. miller was arrested early monday after he allegedly attacked a
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70-year-old man and 289-year-old son at a hotel in fisherman's wharf. the d.a. says he used a cain in the attack. the 49ers released miller shortly after he posted bail and he is expected to be arraign toemd. from bad to worse, there's no video linked to the hate crime in antioch, the home of a black family was intentionally burned and racial slurs were painted on the walls. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in antioch with the video and a message from the mayor. cheryl. >> reporter: that's right. they passed out a flyer tonight and people are mad. they just can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact someone would toss a molotav cocktail alt a home with children inside. the mayor said tonight he wants the person caught and prosecuted. >> this is a city that's built on love. >> reporter: that's why people are coming together to fight against hate. >> during my 28 years, the experience of bringing my children up, i have never seen
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something so horrific in our neighbor. >> reporter: police now releasing surveillance video of a suspect lighting three molotav cocktails and throwing them at this antioch home and running away. what you don't see in the grainy video is the suspect spray painting a swastika and the n word on the front of the home. >> i don't remember this ever happening here. >> reporter: mayor wade harper meeting with the community tonight and letting the people know hate is not welcome in his city. >> this will not be allowed to happen in our city, our police department is taking this seriously, our district attorney's office is taking it seriously. >> reporter: police did not attend the news conference, but the troubling incident has even drawn attention from bem in nearby communities. >> this wasn't a random act. someone picked a black family and tried to burn them out while they were asleep. we need to be discussing this whole issue with race and racism not only in this city but in
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this whole country. >> i'm asking for our citizens to get to know your neighbors, participate in neighborhood watch programs. if you don't have one, start one. >> reporter: we went over to the home tonight to see if police had made any progress. someone inside the home says that the information is classified. reporting live in antioch, i'm cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, cheryl. a man wanted in a string of early morning shootings will be back in court tomorrow. michael lewis is accused of shooting cars along blos 'em hill road between may and august. lewis has a criminal history including charges of stealing money and assault. he didn't enter a plea in court today. he was arrested last month on an unrelated charge, but in the course of the investigation they found a handgun that matched the shell casings and bullets connected to four of the shootings. lewis faces four attempted murder charges and possession of a firearm. >> take a look at this surveillance video.
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san jose police say they need help identifying this man in connection with the deadly shooting of a community college professor. david magadan was shot and killed in late july at willow and 1st street. this is near the 87/280 interchange. sjpd is trying to track down the shooter. magadan was a professor. what is going to happen to all of those animals already facing hard times? a shelter on the peninsula soon will be under new management, but those plans are making staff and volunteers concerned about what's going to happen next to all of the animals. nbc bay area's rick boone joins us live in palo alto with more of the details. >> reporter: hi. it is all about out sourcing, and the group that may win the bid to run the facility here behind me, they're not getting a lot of friends inside the building. dogs at the palo alto animal shelter aren't the only ones barking. >> i don't think there's enough
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experience to run our shelter. >> reporter: volunteers feel a city council decision to out short the shelter is a move in the wrong direction, leaving many animals like this rooster without a place to go and stopping the practice that's been the backbone of thisal owe alto facility to always accept any animal dropped off. >> we do not pick and choose animals like a pets in need. we help everybody. we help all animals. >> reporter: palo alto's geel is to half of almost a million dollars a year on operations. >> the taxpayers will feel lieks it is a better use of taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: the shelter will be run by pets in need out of redwood city, a no kill group that provides plush living for animals. >> we would be running the two shelters as separate models. >> reporter: they say they will run palo alto the same but with an upgrade, ripping down fences and building more private rooms. >> we're hoping to increase our save numbers, so saving moran mals than they're currently saving now. >> reporter: and they say they
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will keep the door open to all animals. some still think that all four-legged friends won't be welcomed in the new deal. part of this deal, animal ward ens are not going to be touched. they will still work for the city of palo alto and this deal is not going to happen any time soon, it could be a few more weeks if not a few more months because this is all in the beginning early stage goes. live in palo alto, rick boone, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, rik. up next, it cost $300,000 and was supposed to be part of this weekend's september 11th remembrance in san francisco, but that pricey bell will be silent. we will tell you why. staerg down the barrel of a gun because he ran over a traffic cone? the unbelievable video of a day at the mall that turned into a nightmare. >> and the poplar phone that's being banned on some airlines. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. colder today and ahead in the forecast we are tracking a light chance of a few showers near the bay area.
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we'll let you know our best chance of potentially getting wet weather in a few minutes.
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you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. cellphone video captures a disturbing scene at a poplar south bay mall. a security guard pulse out a gun on a driver because the driver allegedly ran over a traffic cone. want to show you the video taken during the christmas shopping season. nicholas cannon says he was staring down the barrel of a gun. he was so traumatized he had to miss five months of work, and now he has hired lawyers to take the guard and mall to court. >> the local security guard at the site considered that a capital offense, chased him down. >> investigators say the guard didn't have a valid gun permit
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or security guard idas required. police recommended criminal charges against the guard but district attorney chose not to fire. we reached out to westfield mall officials today but they have not commented on the case. an up scale shopping mall turned into a crime scene. san jose police tell us two women were robbed at gun point. it happened near hatton and olen, an area where people park before going in to shop through the outdoor men. police say the women were threatened with a gun and took a purse from one. the men sped away in a white four door car. santana management also not commenting on the robbery. >> 15 years later it is a painful reminder of the day this country changed forever. the september 11th terrorist attack had an impact on the bay area. this weekend a piece of the world trade center will be on display. jean elle with more details.
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>> reporter: that piece will be unveiled here at first responders closest. organizers of the ceremony say 15 years later, the emotions of that day, it feels like yesterday. >> all of our respect to the first responders that went into that building when everybody else was coming out. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department is preparing to mark the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack on the world trade center and the pentagon, a national tragedy firefighters here responded to. >> there were several members of the san francisco fire department who on their own went to ground zero and assisted with the rescue and recovery efforts. >> reporter: one of those firefighters will ring a department bell at first responders plaza at 6:45 sunday morning, symbolizing the final call for 343 new york
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firefighters who died trying to save lives. a piece ofñi the world trade center will also be part of the ceremony. the family of betty young and the fire department got the piece to san francisco. ong was from the city. she died working as a flight attendant on american airline flight 11. highjackers flew that plane into the north tower. 15 years later the memories and the unveiling of a piece of the towers stir up a lot of emotion. >> just thinking about it is an emotional thing for me. i think there will be a lot of different reactions, but i think it will be somewhat of a somber -- >> reporter: the public is welcome to join firefighters here at this ceremony. in fact, they're encouraged to come. now, that piece of the world trade center will eventually be on permanent display for the public to view at firefighters headquarters on second street. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, "nbc bay area news."
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>> thank you, jean. there's another bell at first responder plaza though it won't be part of the ceremony. the $300,000 was dedicated in april, but the arts mission leshd in july that the computer that rings the bell is malfunctioning. the bell has a 10-year warranty so the fix will not cost the city any money. the commission is working with a company in france to try to correct the problem. some police officers in one east bay city will be the first in caliph to have a new tool in their arsenal. it is a new body-worn cameras, a new body-worn system, equipped with an outward facing place back display to show what is recorded. san ramon officers are being trained how to use them. the lieutenant says the department felt these specific cameras offered more transparency. >> well, there is a legal standard, and the legal standard is that if we're in a public place and if you're in a public place you are freely able to record what is going on in that public place. >> 40 officers are expected to
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be outfitted with the cameras in the next few months. the aim is to reduce california's carbon footprint. the governor a bill in los angeles that cut the goal of setting carbon emissions to historically low levels by 2030. it is the most aggressive benchmark set by any governor. >> bills today, they are really far reaching and they keep california on the move to clean up the environment, to encourage vast innovation and to make sure we have environmental resilience that the california really want and expect. >> the governor says if the 2030 goal is met, the next goal to reduce even more by 2050. >> jeff ranieri is here. we have two headlines tonight. the weekend is here. >> i know. >> and jeff is excited because we're flirting with a little rain. >> that's right. any hinltd of any kind of rainfall and we're all over it
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in the weather department. again, it is not much next week but there's the possibility of maybe getting a few drops here and there. i will have it for you in a minute. as we get a look right now, of course it has been about the huge temperature drop, down anywhere from eight to 15 degrees colder at this hour compared to this time yes. typically one of our hottest spots across the bay area is livermore. today instead of upper 90s, we had 84 for our official high. right now a cool 59. you can even see right here across livermore areas of patchy clouds returning by 6:00 a.m. for the rest of the bay area we have the fog back in san francisco. it will be thick, and also areas of patchy drizzle at times for bay bridge and golden gate bridge commuters and low clouds throughout the rest of the bay with temperatures starting in the 50s. a look at the microclimate forecast has a comfortable day coming our way for friday. south bay still with a fire burning to the south near monterey. skies will be hazy, but still pushing here for overall
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sunshine. 82 expected in cupertino, san jose 84. peninsula, bring your jacket to the coast, 62 in half moon bay. palo alto a picture perfect day at 79. san francisco feeling the chill the marina at 62 degree. for north bay, east bay and tri-valley, the hottest temperature tomorrow livermore at 87 degrees. for east bay, 82 in fremont, and back towards oakland 71, and in the knob, napa 83 degrees while mill valley will be at a cooler 74 as that ocean breeze will filter in throughout a good section here of the north bay. we have the fog off the coastline for tomorrow morning as we mention. then as we head throughout saturday morning it looks like the fog will stay exactly in just about the same spot. so really some nice weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. as you've probably seen on that scrolling seven-day forecast. let's get to the chance of maybe a drop or two of rainfall in the forecast. i don't want you to get too excited at least just yet
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because this is only the second day in a row forecast models have thrown this in, but you will see by next tuesday and wednesday the possibility of maybe some light, spotty showers across the bay area, trace amounts to about -- if we get anything at all, i want to go through tomorrow and see what the forecast models have for us on friday in terms of looking long-range before we add that shower icon on here. so in the extended we'll keep the clouds and 60s in san francisco, and for the inland valleys we have 87 for the average tomorrow. we go to 70s next tuesday and wednesday. i've increased the cloud cover. again, tomorrow we may need to add the shower icon. don't worry, raj and jess, i will let you know if you need umbrellas in the days to come. >> raj has asked you like five times. >> i know. he likes rain. >> and i like those icons, too. >> thanks, jeff. a five-year-old phone many of us have is being banned from
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airlines. we'll will let you know and why. >> grandee is my guest and superstar westbrook, and the bigs stars. do not change the channels. happening now on the home page, a political scuffle at uc berkeley, a video shot claims to show protesters rushing at them and trying to steal their life-size cut out of donald trump. luckily no one was hurt. buzzing on twitter, walmart says a display of coke cans stacked to look like a world trade center has been removed from the florida store. it caused outrage as many called it disrespectful. more news after the break. >> happening now. travelers beware.
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flight attendants may ask you to put away your smartphone during yo f flight attendants may ask
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you to put away your smart phone during your next flight. concerns over the galaxy note 7's battery fires have prompted a recall of the phone. airlines say they're banning the phone as a precaution. passengers will not be allowed to use the phones or charger or charge phones during flights. the problems have been blamed on the phone's battery. here in the u.s. the faa is considering its own response. this is either exciting or depressing for you. more eye-popping numbers for bay area housing market. according to coldwell bankers the city of saratoga in south bay is ranked as most expensive place in america to buy a four bedroom home. the average price, $2.4 million. now, on that top 20 most expensive list are nine bay area cities, including cupertino, redwood city and of course san francisco. we should just sell our houses. >> and go where?
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>> fresno. >> okay. enjoy the game. we're going to tell you all about it when we come back. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ think teal. i keep telling you, you have to be selectiveñi and donlá jus
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drink any beer. >> no. >> think teal. >> gordan beer is the well-known local brewer is teaming up with sharks, beer and hockey go together. nbc bay area's colin resch has more on the sharks. >> i'm inside gordon beer's brew eshy where the flavor of the day is shark chum ale. >> i'm a huge sharks fan, so just the affiliation is an honor to be the brewer. >> dan came to us with the idea. we were all for it. took about six to eight months to create and develop, and here we are today, the first day of bottling chum beer. we are looking forward to this getting out into outlet stores and our fans drinking it and enjoying it responsibly. >> it will makis saturday debut at the season opener, but scheduled to hit supermarket shelves at the 19.
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it is already in dem says the owner. >> i had to run over a minute ago to explain to our office manner how to reply because this is supposed to be stealth. one about it until after day, and here it is real-time and it was tweeted and within minutes we're getting calls. >> i'm going to be totally honest. they told me to show up for work this morning and i went, hmm, i might have something. then then said, there will be beer. i'm in. the name? chum. i love the name because obviously the connection to a shark and chum, but your chum is also your friend. so where else do you most enjoy having a beer, watching your sharks game with friends. >> it is a category, just like the sharks, it is a one of a kind beer. >> in san jose, colin resch, nbc bay area. there is drinking on the job. happy new year as the nfl season kicked off on nbc bay area bay area. it was a rematch of the superbowl in santa clara, that's
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retired broncos quarterback peyton manning bringing in the trophy before the game. the game came in the final seconds, feel goal, down by yards. the panthers missed the 50-yard field goal that would have won them the game. the raiders kick off the season sunday morning in new orleans. 49ers kick off monday night zblu read that like you've done it before. >> it just comes back to me. >> wow. down a road on a skateboard at nearly 100 miles an hour. we're going to show you that video coming up. you gotta be fast to hang with
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this skateboarder. okay. first thing we've got to say, don't try this at home. take a look. you've got to be fast to hang out with this skateboarder. this is kyle wesler. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah, he smashed the world speed record last week by going -- >> can't be. >> 89 miles per hour. >> no. >> downhill. >> no. >> yeah. that's take skateboard. santa cruz skateboard. >> is it motorized? >> no, a regular normal skateboard, the kind you skate around in your neighborhood.
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posted this on video. they posted this on yu tube. it was shot an undisclosed location in colorado. >> and not motorize snd. >> not motorized. >> a super steep hill. >> a double super steel hill. >> wow. >> no, huh-uh. >> that's the way it goes. you want to take us to tomorrow morning. >> we'll get a look at tomorrow mornings forecast, areas of fog and dris will in san francisco. for peninsula 55. also low crowds across south bay. the inland forecast stays in the upper 80s, dropping to 80 by next monday, maybe a spotty or shower next week. >> be fun to see you on a skateboard. >> yeah, funny. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ariana grande. russell westbrook.


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